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(B-Legit, Mike Johns)

Blockchain technology and Hip Hop have the potential to be a dream team in creating some innovative waves in the music industry. With blockchain, users have access to secure smart contracts that offer transparent terms between parties looking to establish business transactions and agreements without lengthy documents and pricey third party services. Bay Area rap legend and co-founder of Sick Wid It Records, B-Legit has spent a majority of his life growing within the music industry and Legit is using his knowledge and influence to motivate artists in the hip hop game to join this growing space. B-Legit announced the ‘Block Movement Competition ’ during the Push Tech 2020 Summit hosted by Reverend Jesse Jackson and Pastor Joseph Bryant earlier this month as a way to merge the world of tech and hip hop together.

The block movement competition is designed to showcase coders and developers that want to leverage the ethereum platform to shake up the current state of hip hop. Many artists have found success and massive fan bases outside of the traditional record deal and the next step for true artistic freedom is controlling the contracts your art is monetized from. “Blockchain technology has infinite possibilities, with the block movement competition we’re seeking viable solution that can help hip hop artist,” say B-Legit. “The Blockchain Movement Competition will ultimately be a blockchain powered music platform exclusive to hip hop music.” As B-Legit continues his search to find the startup or company making game changing moves in the industry, Tech This Out will keep you updated with this blockchain journey.


Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah