Friday, October 4, 2019


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Jesse Jackson Endorses Blockchain Technology: It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop

De La Soul Streaming Deal Gets Halted By Tommy Boy Records, Is Blockchain The Solution?

The Government Wants To Use Blockchain Technology To Protect U.S Border

Dennis Rodman’s Trip To Singapore Paid For By Marijuana Based Cryptocurrency Company PotCoin

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un’s peace talks in Singapore may have never happened if not for retired NBA legend Dennis Rodman. Before the Trump-Kim summit ended with the two leaders signing a document in agreement to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons, Dennis Rodman broke down in tears during a televised interview with CNN. While wearing his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, the former Chicago Bulls player said that the US President...
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Cryptojacking: It’s Real & It’s Happening Now!

In September 2017, the Coinhive project launched an in-browser cryptocurrency miner to provide website owners with an alternative monetization tool that does not involve running ads. The idea is simple. Instead of placing advertising on a website, website owners can use a percentage of each visitor’s computing power to mine the cryptocurrency Monero while the visitor is browsing the...
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Headphones Maker Monster Products Files for a $300 Million ICO

The former maker of Beats headphones is looking for a lift from the digital-currency market. Monster Products Inc., which focuses on high quality cables for audio, headphones and speakers, is looking to raise as much $300 million in an initial coin offering  for Monster Money Tokens (MMNY), according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The San Francisco-based company...
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This Blockchain Platform Aims To Single Handedly Transform The Adult Industry

Privacy, rewards, and unbridled pleasure. ExoLover plans to heat up the remote sex market with its innovative blockchain social network. And in doing so, the Australian startup wouldn’t just connect masses of long-distance lovers around the globe. It would offer an unprecedented level of security to haptic sex sessions. Sex on the blockchain There is a lot of excitement surrounding blockchain and what...
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