Friday, October 4, 2019


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The Gunman in New Zealand Livestreamed His Killing Spree, The Killer Part: Facebook Could Do Nothing About it

This is where the role of technology is questioned, and rightly so. Questions need to be asked of Facebook, which allowed the 17 minute Live stream to be broadcast on its platform, for millions to see. The millions that would include children of a very young age. Where was all the artificial intelligence (AI) that the boffins in Silicon...

How Crime-Tracker ‘Citizen’ Keeps Baltimore Safe or Paranoid

It is 2:25 p.m. on a Wednesday, and on North Streeper Street in East Baltimore, a worker is threatening to burn down a building. Seven hours earlier and a few blocks north, a woman was assaulted. The day before, in the same neighborhood, a shot was reportedly fired, and a teenager was spotted “with axe” by a 911 caller...

IBM Took Millions of Flickr Users’ Photos for Facial Recognition Project

Companies are collecting images that people post online - which could then be used to watch and track them in real life. Facial recognition can log you into your iPhone, track criminals through crowds and identify loyal customers in stores. The technology - which is imperfect but improving rapidly - is based on algorithms that learn how to recognize human...
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To Be Determined: The Fate of Posting 3D-Gun Plans Online

It’s approaching high noon for a showdown between the Trump administration and Congress over 3D-printed guns. The Trump administration notified Congress last month that it intended to move jurisdiction for most commercial firearms exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department, a seemingly arcane bureaucratic move that has ignited a firestorm of controversy. Critics say Commerce’s laxer export rules...
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Shame On You: Popular Video App Agrees To Pay FTC fine

The operator of a video-sharing app popular with teenagers agreed to pay $5.7 million to settle federal allegations it illegally collected personal information from children . The Federal Trade Commission said the Wednesday penalty against lip-syncing app, now known as TikTok, is the largest ever obtained in a children’s privacy case. The FTC said the app violated the federal Children’s Online Privacy...

Now Enter The “Momo Challenge”

The infamous "Momo Challenge", which usually culminates with self-harm or suicide of the player, is reportedly hacking into children's programmes on Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube. Videos of popular kid shows like Peppa Pig on YouTube have been showing the creepy "Momo Challenge" character girl popping up in the middle of the episodes asking children to hurt others and...
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Thanks To New Technology In San Francisco: Old Cannabis Convictions Are Now Being Expunged

Thousands of cannabis convictions in the US have been expunged by the San Francisco District Attorney's office using technology to deal with a backlog of cases being reviewed after the drug was legalized. More than 9,300 individuals have had their convictions sealed under the program, meaning they have better access to jobs and housing. Known as the Adult Use of Marijuana...
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Facebook Content Reviewers ‘Smoke Weed and Sex’ To Deal With Traumatic Material, Report Claims

Some of those who leave their job are said to be experiencing symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. Content reviewers at Facebook are being exposed to so much traumatic material they are smoking cannabis at work and others have "trauma bonded" by having sex on the job, a report claims. Although 15,000 people around the world are employed to check content...
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Police Warning Parents About Viral Social Media ’48-Hour Challenge

This year kicked off with the Bird Box Challenge now a new risky social media challenge has struck fear among parents as teenagers are taking up the "48-hour challenge" Police are warning parents about a new viral challenge that dares teens to go missing for 48 hours.The "48-hour challenge" is not only scaring parents but it could be wasting valuable...
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Hackers Just Stole Over 600 Million Account Details From These Websites

The price appears to be relatively cheap because the information is targeted at spammers and credential stuffers who could use the information to also get access to other sites for which the users use the same usernames and passwords. Hackers have made available on the dark web details of some 617 million accounts stolen from 16 websites including ShareThis, Dubsmash...
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