Friday, October 4, 2019


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Should XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class Be All Female?

Augmented Reality and Coachella Go Hand & Hands Thanks To The Bose Frames Sunglasses

Tech This Out: Streaming Services Such as Netflix And Amazon Video Now Have More Subscribers Globally Than Cable TV

LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS: Netflix Experiments Using AI With Different Episode Order Lists

Netflix also says it is not mapping anything that could give a hint of a viewer’s sexual orientation. All these years, you probably had been watching TV shows the conventional way. Episode one, followed by episode two, episode three and so on. But that is old school. The popular streaming service Netflix is experimenting with shuffling episode orders with its...
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Soon It Will Be: Apple TV vs Netflix or Amazon Prime

With multiple subscription services being touted, Apple could be looking at a world well beyond its core products, the iPhone, iPad and Mac. When Apple says “Its show time” at the Special Event later tonight, this could very well be the premiere of a new story for Apple. The services story. And this comes at a crucial time for the...
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Can Apple Conquer The TV And Video Streaming Space Or Should They Just Buy Netflix

There is Netlflix. There is Amazon Video. There is HBO Now. There is Hulu. There are local players, such as Hotstar in India. And there is Disney+, which will be primed for action by the time the much-awaited Apple TV service goes Live. The much-awaited video streaming service from Apple is now rumored to be primed for a roll-out...
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Spotify to Delay India Launch After Being Sued by Warner Music; is it For Leverage Ahead of Contract Renewals?

Spotify had planned to launch its service next month in India, to compete against the likes of Apple Music and Amazon Music. Is the Spotify India launch set to be delayed again? After Warner Music Group (WMG) sued Spotify over licensing rights in India, the popular audio streaming platform has said the WMG has revoked a previously agreed upon publishing...
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Can You Own A Dance?

It’s 1975 and you’re on the A train heading to Brooklyn, New York to see a friend. The subway is covered in graffiti and as your train gets delayed for the second time, DJ Lean Rock’s “Sneak Peak” is blaring from a boombox and a group of b-boys start breaking in the middle of the train. If that scene...
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Niantic May Have To Remove Pokémon Go Locations Too Close To Residential Areas

A lawsuit against studio Niantic may require it to remove Pokéstops and gyms in Pokémon Go that are too close to residential areas. In a proposed settlement in the class action lawsuit filed in a California court, Niantic has to offer several settlement reliefs but will not have to pay any fines. Pokéstops and gyms are points of interest (POI) in the...
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Today in “WTF EA”: Why Apex Legends’s surprise launch makes a strange sense

Nyne lives? — Plus, impressions of Respawn's first game in over two years: A battle royale shooter. Sam Machkovech - Feb 5, 2019 1:30 pm UTC Enlarge / There's some nitpicking about Apex Legends below, but I will say this: I dig its character designs. Even if there are only eight thus far.EA / RespawnA…
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The Rise & Power Of Reggaeton With Ray Annes Whether you’re streaming popular playlists on Spotify or hearing the latest hits on the radio during your commute, there’s a big chance some Latin music has commanded your attention. Cardi B broke records with her 2018 debut album Invasion Of Privacy and her single “I Like It” earned platinum status. Featuring two of the leading artists on the Reggaeton...
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Does a Japanese patent hint at PlayStation’s backward compatibility plans?

PSFuture — New filing could hold news about the PS5... or info on the existing PS4 Pro. Kyle Orland - Feb 1, 2019 7:30 pm UTC Enlarge / Giant PlayStation button icons.Sam MachkovechA Japanese patent application recently filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment is being seen by many as a hint that the next PlayStation could…
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“Free TV” box maker agrees to shut down and pay $14.5M to copyright holders

Video industry victory — Per settlement, Dragon Box will pay $14.5M and close piracy-enabling services. Jon Brodkin - Jan 30, 2019 4:50 pm UTC The entertainment industry has scored a big victory over the maker of a "free TV" box that helped users watch pirated video. Dragon Media Inc., whose "Dragon Box" device connects to…
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