Friday, October 4, 2019


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Travis Scott Releases Limited Edition Reese’s Puffs Cereal

Jesse Jackson Endorses Blockchain Technology: It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop

Should XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class Be All Female?

Every year XXL magazine stirs up a fiery debate when they drop their annual freshman cover to the Hip Hop masses. J. Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller and Travis Scott are just few of the artists previously featured on the list that went on to have huge careers but the road to finding the next...
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Amazon’s ‘AlexaPods’ Could Give Apple Some Needed Competition

Headphones have become an essential item used in the most mundane or exciting daily tasks. From drowning out loud subway commutes to using the small speakers as a way to avoid conversations, it’s hard to imagine a moment in time where audio could only be heard via boomboxes or the radio. With each iteration of headphones, developers are including...
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Nipsey Hussle Will Be Honored Today At ‘Celebration Of Life’ Memorial The outpouring of love and support for Nipsey Hussle and his family continues to grow as the world mourns his death and celebrate his legacy. It’s only been a week since the tragic shooting and as his family, peers and fans reflect on his untimely passing, there has been surge in recognizing the impact the Victory Lap rapper made...
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The Marathon Continues: Remembering Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy

The energy of the internet has had a collective shift over the past couple of days due to the passing of Nipsey Hussle. A leader in the West Coast rap scene, Hussle was an artist with the mentality of a businessman. With a career that spans 14 years he told his story through his music and the elevation of...
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Yee Nah: Billboard Blocks Lil Nas X’s Potential #1 “Old Town Road” From Country Charts

The art of a good song has brought people of different backgrounds together for decades. If an artist can deliver timeless lyrics over irresistible production, their music has the potential to be globally praised and over time be deemed a ‘classic’ that will live on for many generations to enjoy. Whether it be through a commercial spot for Target...
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A Nintendo Gaming Phone Is Potentially In The Works

Nintendo is arguably the reigning champ in handled gaming. From the original Gameboy that released alongside the classic puzzle game Tetris in 1989 to the Nintendo Switch that is currently dominating the handheld market, the gaming giant has cemented it’s legacy with each release. With Nintendo's current handheld surpassing 32 million units sold since it's 2017 release, there’s only...
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Are You Ready For Brakeless Electric Cars On The Road?

While flying cars and air taxis are still a couple years in development, the interest for electric and robotic cars continue to grow as consumers aim to have vehicles as smart as the phones in their pockets. Keyless entry, Back-up cameras and Wi-Fi hotspots seem mandatory when it comes to the latest vehicles on the market but Tesla and...

Angry Birds AR Coming Exclusively To iOS: Throw Birds In Real Life

When the first mobile phone owners in 1994 were using their keypad to match tiles on Tetris they ignited the world of mobile gaming which would experience a major evolution in the next two decades. Tetris and Snake were the first mobile games to halt boredom for a couple minutes and turned simple concepts into classic games that continue...
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The Rebirth of the Digital Divide: How 5G Will Transform Hip Hop “5G will be the most transformational, because not only will it deliver faster and enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) to consumers, it will enable hyper-connectivity between machines, people and things and boost a range of new technologies and industrial capabilities.” Source: Tech Radar Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento host the world’s first 5G networks built with Verizon...

De La Soul Streaming Deal Gets Halted By Tommy Boy Records, Is Blockchain The Solution? This past sunday De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising reached it's 30 year anniversary. A moment to celebrate an influential album including huge records like “Me Myself and I” and “Potholes In My Lawn” became a reminder that the music industry values money over it's artists and the effects can be severe. The iconic group...
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