Friday, October 4, 2019


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Jack Ma’s Alibaba Is Now Making Robots

Tech This Out: Robots of the Future Will Be Equipped With Emotions

Krogers Food Chain Testing Grocery Delivered Using Drivereless Cars

Brothel Uses Virtual Reality Creating Porn Star Fantasies Real

Enter China’s New Laser Gun Rifle

You could get burned if you upset the Chinese government. Researchers in the country have reportedly developed a prototype laser assault rifle with similar dimensions to an AK-47, according to South China Morning Post. The new high-tech weapon is dubbed the ZKZM-500. The ZKZM-500 can reportedly set a person on fire using lasers. From 800 metres (about half a mile) away or...
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Google Is Hinting At Creating Its Own Game Platform To Rival Xbox and Playstation

Over the past few months, the wildest rumors in video game industry circles haven’t involved the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two. The most interesting chatter has centered on a tech company that’s been quietly making moves to tackle video games in a big way: Google, the conglomerate that operates our email, our internet browsers, and much more. We haven’t heard...
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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: Drones, A.I, Robots And Now He Wants To Build Homes On The Moon

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has said he will do whatever needs to be done for his Blue Origin space venture to put homes on the moon, including building partnerships with Nasa and the European Space Agency. Speaking at the International Space Development Conference last week, Bezos said that even if he can’t create those partnerships, he’ll continue his current trend...
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The U.S. Military Just Figures Out How To Do Facial Recognition in the Dark

It’s no mean feat for a computer to identify an individual’s face in daylight. The process involves precisely measuring a photograph — eye size, distance from nose to mouth, etc. — adjusting the distances for three dimensions, and searching a database for a match. But to do it at night, when all you have is far lower-resolution thermal images, the Army...
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True Story: A Robot Is Literally Running For Mayor In Japan

An "AI candidate" for mayor in Tokyo is promising fair and balanced politics in a news story out of a science fiction novel. Whether it's samurai robots, a hotel staffed by robots, or AI girlfriends, it seems that it safe to say that one should keep their eye on Japan when it comes to developments in the field of artificial intelligence. So while...
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Huawei Wants To Build a Blockchain-Ready Smartphone

Huawei Technologies Ltd., the world’s third-biggest handset maker, is considering developing a mobile phone that will be able to run blockchain-based applications, according to two people familiar with the plans. Shenzhen, China-based Huawei is in talks to license Sirin Labs’ operating system, called SIRIN OS, to run blockchain applications alongside Alphabet Inc.’s Android system, said the people, who asked not to be...
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This Company Just Received $5.3M In Funding For Creating”Robo-Advisors”

Over the past few years, Singapore has seen the birth of several fintech startups that are using automation and AI to replicate the role of human financial advisors, helping users to preserve and grow their wealth through passive investing. With lower fees than banks and fund managers, these robo-advisors reckon they can make more money for their users than their...
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Tech This Out: ‘Human Uber’ Lets You Pay Someone To Live Your Life For You

Someone can dress as you and walk around – all while you lounge at home with your laptop A new "human Uber" could let you pay someone to live your life for you. Japanese researcher Jun Rekimoto has developed a special screen that can be strapped to a person's face and allow them to live on your behalf. By dressing up as...
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