Friday, October 4, 2019


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Instagram Testing Donation Sticker on Stories

"Instagram is working on 'Donation' sticker. It lets users start fundraisers for their favorite non-profits," tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted. Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram is reportedly testing a donation sticker on its Stories feature that would offer fundraising and donation tools for charity or personal reasons. "Instagram is working on 'Donation' sticker. It lets users start fundraisers for their favorite...

Asia’s ‘Gay Netflix’ To Attract India’s LGBT Audiences This Year

LGBT+ video-streaming platform GagaOoLala, which calls itself Asia’s “gay Netflix,” plans to expand to India this year. Accessible via its website and mobile app, GagaOoLala provides unlimited access to LGBT+ films, TV series, and documentaries for about US$6 a month. The platform is available in 13 countries across Southeast Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. Its foray into India follows the...

New Study: When Disaster Strikes, Twitter Influencers Get Out-Tweeted

According to the study, Twitter users with small local networks (100-200 followers) increase their activity more than those with larger networks in these situations. Despite the importance placed on celebrity social media influencers with millions of followers, during natural disasters average Twitter users become more active disseminators of information, finds a study. The study, led by University of Vermont researchers,...
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Department of Homeland Security Plans to Outfit Its Dogs With Wearable Tech

The Homeland Security Department is investing in a data analytics tool that would help ensure the thousands of dogs that work for the agency stay healthy. The agency’s Science and Technology Directorate on Tuesday announced a roughly $200,000 contract with HaloLights to prototype a sensor-equipped harness that monitors dogs’ heart rate, body temperature and other vitals. In addition to health...
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New Emojis Reflecting Gender Non-Specific Couples and Periods Soon To Be Released

Emojis representing periods and gender non-specific couples are going to be introduced this year. The period emoji follows a campaign by Plan International, which had hoped to secure an emoji featuring a pair of pants with two blood drops on it. In a tweet, Plan said: "We are thrilled to announce that we are actually getting a #PeriodEmoji! It is through...
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Elon Musk: The One Page Resume That We All Must Take Inspiration From

Elon Musk is a name not unknown to many, thanks to his more than two decades of work that have changed the way innovations are now seen across the globe. From creating an online financial services firm at the age of 28 (which later came to be known as Paypal) to bringing electrically driven cars to the masses by...
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Ride or Die: The Breakdown of an Electric Scooter Crash

Grace heard a gasp, then the line went dead. It was a freezing night—my hands were numb, my toes icy—but I’d wanted to call her, my college roommate, on the way home from work, so I took a scooter instead of a subway. I figured I could jam my wireless headphones in, talk, and ride. Before you ask: No, I...
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Year In Review: Major Pop Culture Moments Of 2018?

As 2018 comes to a close and we’re bombarded with “best of” lists from every major publication (including this one) we're reminded of the highs and lows we experienced on an individual level and as a society through the media. When looking back on a year it isn’t just about celebrity breakdowns, natural disasters and internet breaking moments. We...
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From Around The Globe Twitter Is Facing Demands For More Content Removal Than Ever Before

Countries around the world are making these requests. Twitter released its latest Transparency Report on Thursday, revealing details about government requests for information requests and removal of content, as well as data on Twitter's own enforcement of policy violations. The social platform began publishing these reports biannually in 2012. This means that the latest report only addresses the first half of 2018—and the company saw a massive increase...
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Tumblr, Comes To Term With Adult Content

New rules about adult content on blogging site Tumblr, which have upset many of its users, have come into force. The site no longer allows such material but said existing posts that fell foul of its new policy would be hidden, not deleted. It also tried to reassure users that Tumblr would remain a place for free expression. However, in response...
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