Friday, October 4, 2019

Tech This Out America™ believes that human creativity and inventiveness is a driving force for progress in technology and society. The economy of tomorrow is going to be based on the science of today.

Our goal is to have an intellectual discourse of the highest caliber with the ultimate purpose of ensuring the health and survival of the human race. Tech This Out America™ event series bring together thought leaders and innovators in entertainment, technology, business, government, healthcare, religion, and universities to share ideas, debate and find solutions to difficult problems.

What separates Tech This Out America from other events is our unique ability to attract global iconic disruptors who are impacting the way we think and live.

Enter Tech This Out America™: “Humanizing Technology into Everyday Life” and leading a new crop of digital savvy citizens and Internet entrepreneurs of all ages, who run entire businesses from the comfort of their mobile phones. Guided by our philosophy of increasing awareness of digital media around the globe, Tech This Out™ isn’t just about the technology. It’s about leveraging the power of technology in the ways we work, the ways we play, the ways we speak, the ways we connect, and the ways we compete.

Tech This Out America™ is the vision of tech evangelist Mike Johns, the initiator of a global campaign to humanize technology into everyday life via technological awareness, education, and self-empowerment. Tech This Out America™ represents humanity’s emancipation from the analog world to the Digital Mind State. Mike Johns and the team at Digital Mind State dream of a digital world where real, substantial change is never more than a click away. On the cusp of Humanity v3.0, resistance to change is futile!