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  • “5G will be the most transformational, because not only will it deliver faster and enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) to consumers, it will enable hyper-connectivity between machines, people and things and boost a range of new technologies and industrial capabilities.” Source: Tech Radar
  • Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento host the world’s first 5G networks built with Verizon
  • 5G could be 10 to 20 times faster than 4G

Every generation of the internet has transformed how we use it in our daily tasks. From being able to call and text others at a faster speed with 1G and 2G, to the current pace we’ve come to enjoy today thanks to 4G/LTE internet and powerful smartphones. As the world becomes more connected and technologies become more data intensive, networks need to be able to handle the congestion that comes from millions of people using unlimited data. The major mobile networks in the U.S. (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) are gearing up for this data shift, and the buzz for 5G will only grow as 5G compatible smartphones become available in the states and these major carriers start promoting what’s to come with the next era of internet. 5G is expected to launch worldwide by 2020, and this upgrade will impact every industry that utilizes the internet. Entertainment has become an essential element of the internet and during these next two years we’ll see how the industry will be transformed by the effects of 5G. The next era of the internet opens up an opportunity for artists to partner with major mobile networks to not only share their art with speeds 400x faster than the blink of an eye, but it will also enhance the accessibility to VR, AR and MR, introducing an evolution in today’s music world. VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) will give fans the chance to experience their favorite artists’ music beyond merely watching a music video on YouTube. Fans will be able to actually immerse themselves within the art. Artists like The Weeknd, Gorillaz and Justice have begun to augment their music videos with VR adding yet another dimension to their music. With this new technology, viewers will be able to truly experience their favorites artists — get lost in their vibrant worlds and see the visuals from different perspectives thanks to a 360° view. BASE Hologram has become notable for creating immersive holographic productions and as 5G technology evolves, these hologram experiences will reach broader audiences. People freaked out when Tupac touched the Coachella stage in 2012.  Since then, music enthusiasts are constantly looking for a new ways to hear their favorite artists and have personal moments beyond streaming platforms and sold out stadium shows. In the future, people who purchase tickets for to Coachella, Rolling Loud and SXSW, could potentially have the choice to buy a VR/AR ticket so they can experience the festival weekend in real time, with no data lag at 20 Gbps (One gigabit per second equals 1000 Mbps).

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The partnerships between artists and mobile networks will give artists yet another way to make revenue beyond traditional record label deals. Independent artists have already found the freedom of owning their work, uploading their music directly to YouTube and streaming services and building their career on a smaller scale; but the exposure artists could achieve using the new platforms facilitated with  5G will further enhance their independence and success — much like Chance The Rapper who has always maintained his own artistic vision without giving in to mainstream label pressure. Verizon and AT&T have begun teasing the 5G internet that will be provided by their networks so as we await the 2020 launch, it would be advantageous for artists, content providers and consumers to stay informed and ahead of this incoming tide.  Artists will need to be proactive and join the 5G wave as soon as possible. For fans, whether they’re interested in watching VR music videos or purchasing a MR concert tickets, they will want to be informed about 5G deployment and the latest 5G technology. With every upgrade, past generations of internet become obsolete.  The connectivity becomes dramatically slower or essentially non-existent. Unfortunately, this transition will usher in a digital divide to both consumers who can’t afford the latest and greatest in technology and smaller content providers that aren’t aligned with the big media giants that control the 5G spectrum. Don’t get lost in the digital divide.  By staying informed and understanding 5G technology, its planned deployment and the impact it will have – both pro and con – artists, content providers and consumers will be prepared to take on the “next generation” of internet connectivity.  

Stay tuned for future articles on how 5G will transform different industries and eventually the world coming soon.


Article By: Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah